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Using Flexitec 2020 with Gutters

Using Flexitec 2020 with Gutters

In response to frequesntly asked questions regarding applying Flexitec 2020 to waterproof gutters; Here we summarise a few key points to help ensure your customers carry out a successful installation.



1. Coating Lined Gutters

If the gutter has an existing waterproof coating (such as GRP or single-ply) then you can treat it as you would a roof or balcony, i.e. applying Flexitec 2020 Primer (where required) & Resin to encapsulate the existing coverings.

2. Coating Metal Gutters

This is classed as a “non-standard” application and we always advise that you contact Res-Tec Technical Services to discuss suitability before advising your customers. There are a few important pointers that apply for most gutter applications including:

  • All lap joints and other points of expansion will require dis-bonding with masking tape prior to local reinforcement;
  • Res-Tec Metallic Primer will usually be required;
  • Areas of significant rusting should be treated with a proprietary rust-converter before priming;
  • Ensure the membrane can be taken up at least 150mm onto the gutter upstands.





If you have any technical questions, or would like to talk to us about the Flexitec 2020 roof system, please call our trade counter on 01803 866599.

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