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Waterproofing Applications from Wykamol Group

Waterproofing Applications from Wykamol Group

When it comes to waterproofing applications, the Wykamol Group offers a huge range of products, from cement-based tanking powders to specialist epoxy coatings.

Recently, drain membranes have fast become the choice for most contractors in the UK and these cavity drain membranes have also become the number one choice for builders and developers tackling damp issues above ground.

Issues of dense renders and long drying times have been almost eliminated by the use of cavity drain membranes. Wykamol waterproofing membrane can be used on walls, floors, vaults and tunnels with minimal surface preparation required. Also suitable for external foundation waterproofing and to provide insulated dry lining for walls above ground level that may not be suitable for conventional plaster finishes.

Why choose cavity drain membranes for above ground internal damp surfaces?
The major benefit is to prevent any moisture and salts affecting the internal wall finishes by providing a barrier between the damp wall and the new internal finish. This, in turn, prolongs the life of the finished plaster by creating a barrier that salts and moisture cannot bypass, yet still allow the wall to breathe and natural evaporation of moisture from the substrate to occur.

SCP building product stock Wykamol cavity membranes and waterproofing systems at our Trade Centre in Babbage Road, Totnes.

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