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The Superior Steel Rainwater System from Lindab

The Superior Steel Rainwater System from Lindab

With over half a century of experience in the development, manufacturing and marketing of sheet-metal products, Lindab has become one of the leading international players in the construction industry.

Lindab’s painted rainline system is made from high performance steel ensuring a lightweight, long lasting and durable product.

Lindab’s steel rainwater system has proved itself to be the most environmentally friendly material available, with a natural place in today’s approach to green sustainability.

The steel construction has a thick layer of zinc coating on both sides which protects the core from corrosion. The top layer contains polymer grains making the surface scratch resistant and with excellent flexibility, the steel sheets can be formed into products without damaging the coating.  An extra-durable high-build polyester paint coating provides protection and extends the life expectancy of Rainline in excess of 70 years with minimal maintenance, only annual cleaning is recommended and touch up of any scratched paint. Rainline painted finishes have excellent colour fastness and are UV stable making them an excellent choice for both domestic and commercial use.

Kindab guttering

Lindab Rainline is designed for easy installation and requires no sealants, further reducing its environmental impact and eliminating possible future issues of cracking and shrinkage.

Painted Rainline is available in a choice of 11 different colours, 3 with a metallic finish and 8 with a gloss finish

Unpainted metal options offer an elegant finish and a uniquely attractive aesthetic. Available in a majestic galvanized option which settles into an attractive dark grey metallic finish within 3-5 years, natural copper finish which will transition to a greenish Verdigris patina and a classic stainless steel option.

Metal and metallic finishes are available if you are looking for the natural aesthetic of a copper or galvanised finish, but not looking for the look of Verdigris or oxidised metal. Rainline Silver Metallic painted finish allows the sparkly appearance to be retained. The Anthracite Metallic painted finish skips straight to the darker appearance if preferred. Rainline Copper Metallic painted finish is an ideal option when retaining the original appearance is preferred.

Whether you’re designing luxury housing, building a cosy cabin or renovating a multioccupancy development Lindab Rainline can fit the bill.

Although a rainwater system is an integral part of any property or building, choosing the right style can add character and become a feature to the property itself and the range of colours available means Lindab products offer the flexibility to compliment traditional or contemporary styles of properties.

Steel has an extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion making it less prone than plastic to leakage caused by deformation during spells of hot or cold weather and with no sealants required in its installation, you can be assured that Lindab Rainline will provide years of leak free service. Lindab’s strength and durability make it highly resistant to knocks and bumps, making it the perfect choice for industrial, commercial or agricultural buildings.


Thanks to its many smart design solutions which have been refined over decades, Lindab Rainline has become the most preferred steel roof drainage system by many professionals. With its unique hand-in-glove fit and overall quality it guarantees quick installation and a high functionality – for decades to come.

SCP Building products are largest single stockist for Lindab rainline guttering.

For more information on the Lindab Rainline System, call our trade team on 01803 866599 

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